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Hi, and welcome to “Money on Tap”, your personal finance headquarters where we bring out the professionals, experience, and some fun in what we call 3 dimensional investing; utilizing insurance, brokerage, and fee-based planning.  We believe all investments have merit, all investments have relevance and all investments have their time and place, depending on your goals and appetite for risk.

On a weekly basis “Money on Tap” airs live in New England and is rebroadcast multiple times, as well as available on podcast.  Our goal is to educate and debate the current relevant financial issues facing today’s investors.  As planners with Brayshaw Financial Group, llc, we have over a century of experience among our planners, and find that many investors simply cannot engage in healthy and constructive financial planning relationships due to the magnitude of the industry as a whole.  As we educate and debate current topics and relate them to everyday concerns, we will help empower you to feel more confident and more aware as an investor.