Legacy Planning

Synopsis: Preparing your legacy for the generation to follow is best done proactively before the deathbed, putting all the legal pieces in place while there is time to make sound judgment decisions. On this program, we’ll look at some different areas that need to be addressed to make the transition from one generation to the next as smooth as possible.

Money in the News:.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A Wichita Kansas couple comes to the same eating establishment 6 days a week ordering nearly the same meal – something they’ve done for the last 15 years! Ron and Diana Watson aren’t much for doing their own cooking so they’ve made The Texas Roadhouse their permanent home for just about all their eating claiming they can eat healthy and spend just about as much there as they would on groceries. . . Considering the recent college admissions scandal where celebrities for paying huge sums of money to get into their kids into prestigious schools, one individual was running an operation whereby he would take the SAT tests for a high school student and charge $10,000 to get the needed results.