11 States To Retire In With A Fixed Income

Best States for Fixed Income Retirement, Money on Tap, Brayshaw Financial Group

You may want to look into moving in retirement for several reasons. Cost of living, Location, Amenities, Taxes and Healthcare are only a few of the considerations. Here are 11 states that take the cake when looking at making your retirement location work for you.

Show #100 DIY Retirement Road Rules

Show #100 is a doozy with all sorts of advice for our DIY retirement listeners. Money in the News: Streaming services are turning up the heat with all new lineups of movies, series, startups and buyouts. Who will lead the pack and who takes over your vote as the number

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401(K) Tune Up

401(k) Tune Up

The Gist: A salute to Fathers – appreciating and honoring Fathers through thoughtful and humorous quotes. ..Tips on growing your IRA/401K – things to do and not to do. Today’s main topic: Seth and Ben talk about transition support for our aging parents. An enormous conversation that details many aspects

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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

On this Money on Tap we look at Monte Carlo simulation to help us understand the impact of risk and uncertainty when it comes to financial forecasting models. It helps us see many of the potential outcomes and the potential risk of those decisions.

Death and Taxes…Smile :)

Smile Taxes

The grim reality of that special day that comes every year – Tax Day! Today we look at that dreaded day and some of the things you should be aware of and how it may affect you.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Preparing your legacy for the generation to follow is best done proactively before the deathbed, putting all the legal pieces in place while there is time to make sound judgment decisions.

The Power of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a powerful tool

Synopsis: Discussing Life insurance at a Party may be a conversation crusher but understanding the importance of being properly insured and how it can bring peace of mind is a hugely necessary conversation. Find out on today’s show how The Power of Life Insurance can make a big difference in

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Investing With Your Money Passive & Tactical Investing

Tactical vs Passive Investing

Synopsis:  Looking at a couple of methods of investing: Passive and Tactical. Exploring the major differences between the two and identify the pros and cons. Why you might choose a more conservative investment over an aggressive one. Also a look at Risk Tolerance. Money in the News:  Ninety-Three year old

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Synopsis:  A rundown of how the market turned out in 2018. The last quarter was a particular challenging year and December was especially volatile in 2018. Money in the News:  Portland Oregon man locked in Burger King Bathroom for an hour. As compensation, local manager offers man free Burger King

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Market Volatility

Do's and Don'ts of Market Volatility

The market is currently a nightmare but fortunately market nightmares do end and preparing for nightmares can be better too. Volatility in the market can be a scary thing and cause us to react out of fear. Ben, John and Seth help us to make wise, proactive decisions in an

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The Return of The Retirement Tsunami

The Return of the Retirement Tsunami

Because every horrific show deserves a sequel. In the next 20 plus years a huge wave of individuals will be retiring in what is being called The Retirement Tsunami. In part two of The Retirement Tsunami, we’ll look at Solutions – steps investors can take to help make things better

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Property & Casualty Insurance…Looking For The Right Coverage

Property & Casualty Insuance Coverage

Welcome Erik Morton, Insurance Agent heading up the Brayshaw Financial Division from Vancouver WA, (specializing in property casualty insurance) shares the importance of being properly insured with the right kind of insurance and the right amount of coverage. Money in the News: The tax impact from lottery winnings (referring to

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Retirement Tsunami

Retirement Tsunami, Epic Wave for Retirees

In the next 20 plus years a huge wave of individuals will be retiring in what is being called The Retirement Tsunami.

Financial Independence

F.I. It’s the comeback movement you can be a part of and we love. Why not get free and retire early or get free and do the work that fulfills you.