The No Judgement Zone!

We have all felt the irritation and pain of being judged. Many of us are even critical of ourselves. Welcome to the No Judgement Zone, prepare to rid ourselves of limiting mindsets and start talking about dreams and goals. Even better lets start creating a plan on how to accomplish

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Delaying Retirement

Delaying retirement may not sound like the ideal plan but more and more people are discovering how meaningful and fulfilling this can be.

Investing In The Next Generation

One of the greatest privileges is for us to speak into the next generation. Learn about lessons others have taught us and are valuable to leave behind.

Marriage & Finances

Some Spend Others Save, Chances Are If You Are One, You Married The Other. Have Fun! Learning How To Be Successful Together In Marriage.

Listener Questions

We Take A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming To Answer Some Of Your Questions!

Trump Tax Bill

Nine Things You Need To Know About the Big Republican Tax Reform Bill—Filtering Through The Noise