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11 States To Retire In With A Fixed Income

The Gist: You may want to look into moving in retirement for several reasons. Cost of living, Location, Amenities, Taxes and Healthcare are only a few of the considerations. Here are 11 states that take the cake when looking at making your retirement location work for you.

Money In The News: What is a 45 million dollar coin doing on Wall Street? Richard Hays from the Perth Mint in Australia wants you to know all about it.

Anderson Cooper CNN Superstar and Vanderbilt heir only gets 1.5 million inheritance from Gloria Vanderbilt, once thought to me be 200 million estate.

Sneakers are going on auction at Sotheby’s for estimated 160k – 190k.

Show #100 DIY Retirement Road Rules

Show #100 is a doozy with all sorts of advice for our DIY retirement listeners.

Money in the News: Streaming services are turning up the heat with all new lineups of movies, series, startups and buyouts. Who will lead the pack and who takes over your vote as the number one streaming service.

Airbus overtakes Boeing as the largest airplane manufacturer in the world.

Main Topic: We love people coming to us just wanting to get the basics of what to do when creating a retirement plan. Creating your own retirement plan at some level is what all of us are doing and everyone needs to understand some basics around the rules of the road to retirement planning. Here you go. Ten rules to pay attention to when building this thing from the ground up. Oh here is one more for you. Start NOW!

401(k) Tune Up

401(K) Tune Up

The Gist: A salute to Fathers – appreciating and honoring Fathers through thoughtful and humorous quotes. ..Tips on growing your IRA/401K – things to do and not to do.

Today’s main topic: Seth and Ben talk about transition support for our aging parents. An enormous conversation that details many aspects that need to be considered as the end of life approaches. Seth and Ben offer five tips to the family when dealing with the most important area of helping our parents.  

Money in the News: Robocall Revenge. One techie turned the tables on a robocaller accessing the culprit’s computer and creating havoc for his scamming operation.

Facebook and other large companies enter the crypto currency world while at the same time Facebook is being dumped from an S&P index that tracks socially responsible companies.

Property and Casualty Insurance

2 Truths and a Lie

Property and Casualty

The Gist: Property and Casualty Insurance go hand in hand with financial planning.  Today Erik Morton helps us understand the importance of protecting our property with the appropriate amount of coverage (thus property) as well as protecting ourselves against a lawsuit in the event we are found responsible for another’s injury or the damage of another’s belongings (casualty). Erik will help us separate the truth from the myths about Property and Casualty Insurance so we can confidently include it in our financial planning portfolio.

Money in the News: Marriott takes on Airbnb in the home rental market. Airbnb, the very industry that was inclined to interrupt the hotel industry now has Marriott in an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” effort with Marriott’s version of airbnb called, “Homes and Villas.” “People stay at different hotels for different purposes, Stephanie Linnartz, the global chief commercial officer at Marriott, told the Times. Home sharing is another offering.”

Rethinking the Everyday Coffee Cup – and Creating a New Business – from the Wall St. Journal. A couple creates a unique coffee cup for the husband’s World War II veteran grandfather. Using their science background, the couple found a way to lessen the stress of holding a cup making it much easier to be handled by the elderly or anyone with difficulty balancing a normal cup.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

More Than A Nice Place To Visit

The Gist: On this Money on Tap we look at Monte Carlo simulation to help us understand the impact of risk and uncertainty when it comes to financial forecasting models. It helps us see many of the potential outcomes and the potential risk of those decisions.

Money in the News: A man returning his Pixel 3 phone for a refund to Google for $900 does not get the refund – instead he is sent 10 MORE Pixel 3 phones totaling about $9,000 dollars. An obvious error the man and Google are trying to work it out.

Check your house for this stuff – What kinds of things in your house might be worth big money: Boy Scout memorabilia, 2005 irregular Kansas Quarter, and others.

Smile Taxes

Death and Taxes…Smile :)

The Gist: The grim reality of that special day that comes every year – Tax Day! Today we look at that dreaded day and some of the things you should be aware of and how it may affect you.

Money in the News: Today we explore an article in The Wall Street Journal, “Death-Care Stocks have made a killing for investors. Now Its time to say goodbye.” Over the past decade, the two leading U.S. providers of funeral and cemetery services have exceeded performance in the stock market but recent competition including on-line options (and the “Amazon-Effect) have heavily cut into the profit margins of these previous leaders in the industry.

Tax Refunds: Tax laws have found less people itemizing their returns. Tax cuts have been phenomenally strong for property renters. The married, filing jointly deduction has doubled.

Motley Fool article: Bigger Tax Refunds Are Back. Here’s Why. The refund scare might’ve been much ado about nothing. Tax reform of early 2018 lead many to think they would be getting a much lower return but as tax season has progressed evidence is showing larger returns in more pockets. The better news is that many are finding more in their paychecks as well.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Synopsis: Preparing your legacy for the generation to follow is best done proactively before the deathbed, putting all the legal pieces in place while there is time to make sound judgment decisions. On this program, we’ll look at some different areas that need to be addressed to make the transition from one generation to the next as smooth as possible.

Money in the News:.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A Wichita Kansas couple comes to the same eating establishment 6 days a week ordering nearly the same meal – something they’ve done for the last 15 years! Ron and Diana Watson aren’t much for doing their own cooking so they’ve made The Texas Roadhouse their permanent home for just about all their eating claiming they can eat healthy and spend just about as much there as they would on groceries. . . Considering the recent college admissions scandal where celebrities for paying huge sums of money to get into their kids into prestigious schools, one individual was running an operation whereby he would take the SAT tests for a high school student and charge $10,000 to get the needed results.

Life Insurance is a powerful tool

The Power of Life Insurance

Synopsis: Discussing Life insurance at a Party may be a conversation crusher but understanding the importance of being properly insured and how it can bring peace of mind is a hugely necessary conversation. Find out on today’s show how The Power of Life Insurance can make a big difference in an emergency.

Money in the News: Dubai International Boat Show 2019 features Yachts for the billionaire with cruisers so large some have designated space for “toys,” such as  helicopters, jet skis, etc –  some are even created as floating vessels with capabilities of housing laboratories for marine biologists. . .PXG (Parson’s extreme Golf) in Scottsdale AZ specializes in making custom sets of golf clubs for the wealthy who are happy with shelling out $50,00 to $75,000 per set of clubs often purchasing four sets at a time.

Tactical vs Passive Investing

Investing With Your Money Passive & Tactical Investing

Passive and Tactical Investing

Synopsis:  Looking at a couple of methods of investing: Passive and Tactical. Exploring the major differences between the two and identify the pros and cons. Why you might choose a more conservative investment over an aggressive one. Also a look at Risk Tolerance.

Money in the News:  Ninety-Three year old Iowa man has his wedding ring returned forty-five years after it went missing. Was found in the engine of a car he had sold and was returned by the car’s new owner.

Rare 1943 bronze Lincoln penny sell for $204,00 at Florida auction.

John looks at some of the YouTube top earners – the top one being a seven year old boy who made 22 million playing with toys.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Synopsis:  A rundown of how the market turned out in 2018. The last quarter was a particular challenging year and December was especially volatile in 2018.

Money in the News:  Portland Oregon man locked in Burger King Bathroom for an hour. As compensation, local manager offers man free Burger King Meals for life until district manager decides to quit the free meals. Man threatens to sue.

Elusive artist hatches elaborate plan to have his famous “Banksy’s Girl with Balloon,” automatically shredded as painting was being sold at Sothebys.

Important points of discussion:

Financial planning in 2019:

  1. Habits we want to employ
  2. Setting financial goals to make this a better year
    1. Have a budget in place for your household
    1. Getting out of debt
    1. Start saving money
Do's and Don'ts of Market Volatility

The Do’s and Don’ts of Market Volatility

The market is currently a nightmare but fortunately market nightmares do end and preparing for nightmares can be better too. Volatility in the market can be a scary thing and cause us to react out of fear. Ben, John and Seth help us to make wise, proactive decisions in an unpredictable environment. Seek the help of professional financial planners who will step up to the plate for you rather than a huge financial institute who will may only offer you passive guidance.

Money in the News:  KFC offers fireplace logs as well as sunscreen that smells like fried chicken.

Eighteen hundred companies left California over the course of the year with most bound for Texas. Legal aggravation and higher taxes share the blame. Businesses feel Texas would treat them more fairly.

The Return of the Retirement Tsunami

The Return of The Retirement Tsunami

Because every horrific show deserves a sequel.

In the next 20 plus years a huge wave of individuals will be retiring in what is being called The Retirement Tsunami. In part two of The Retirement Tsunami, we’ll look at Solutions – steps investors can take to help make things better in retirement years. Making better decisions with knowledge that can impact the future. . . . What is it like when you use the services of a financial planner? Ben, John and Seth give us a better understanding of what to expect.

Money in the News: A unique opportunity for Buffalo Bills fans to get a free ticket to a game by shoveling snow at the stadium before the game. . .’Paper mill’ owner makes $21,000 a month through fraudulent means by writing papers for college students.

Property & Casualty Insuance Coverage

Property & Casualty Insurance…Looking For The Right Coverage

Welcome Erik Morton, Insurance Agent heading up the Brayshaw Financial Division from Vancouver WA, (specializing in property casualty insurance) shares the importance of being properly insured with the right kind of insurance and the right amount of coverage.

Money in the News: The tax impact from lottery winnings (referring to recent Billion dollar lottery), the astronomical odds of winning the lottery. . . Seventeen year old gamer Nick Overton made half a million dollars by playing Fortnite due to his exceptional level of skill with the game.

Retirement Tsunami, Epic Wave for Retirees

Retirement Tsunami

In the next 20 plus years a huge wave of individuals will be retiring in what is being called The Retirement Tsunami.  What will that look like and what kind of impact will that have on both retirees and future retirees? What will that mean for investors? Join us on today’s Money on Tap as we take a closer look at this growing issue.

Guest: Erik Morton – Property and Casualty Insurance with Brayshaw Financial, Vancouver WA.

Money in the News: Amazon’s landing in Seattle seems to be paying off. They are hopeful for similar results with new locations in Alexandria VA and New York NY. Today Ben, John and Seth discuss the cultural impact Amazon has on a community like Seattle, Alexandria and New York and how it affects our way of life economically and in our purchasing habits.

January 19′ Market Update

Happy New Year to every one of our valued clients and friends!  We hope that 2019 is a terrific year for you and your family!  At Brayshaw Financial Group we have a passion for helping our clients find success.  Despite the challenges of the market this past year, we feel we have done an excellent job helping our clients, step by step.  Over the years, our clients have looked to us to provide sound financial advice and 2018 was no exception.

Let’s take a look back….

As most of you are aware, this past year in the market was especially volatile.  It was, in fact, the worst year for stocks since 2008.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was down 5.63%, the S&P 500 Index was down 6.24%. and the Nasdaq Composite Index was off 3.88%.  While there were a lot of negatives in 2018, there were also a lot of positives.  The S&P 500 reached a record high on September 20th and the Dow closed at a record high on October 3rd

Despite some records being set, 2018 will be remembered for its extreme volatility.  Did you know that the Dow has swung 1,000 points in a single session only 8 times in history?  Five of those swings took place in 2018!  This volatility was being driven by signs of a global economic shutdown, interest rate hikes by the Fed, political dysfunction, fears of inflation and increased government regulation of the technology sector.

In times like these, it’s easy to get nervous when you have money invested in the markets.  At Brayshaw Financial Group, we have several different strategies we employ to help mitigate risk.  Although we advise lower cost passive strategies, we also implement several tactical strategies for clients needing a more “hands-on” and active approach to managing their money.  It is our belief that tactically managed assets will greatly help to preserve capital and diminish losses during volatile markets. 

In November 2018, most of our tactical portfolios were moved to cash and cash equivalents.  With less than 10% of our assets exposed to the short-term bond market space, the impact felt from negative markets to our client’s tactical allocations was minimal.

Historically since 1950, no other month has posted a higher average return than December.  In fact, over the last 100 years, the Dow has averaged a gain of 1.55%, with gains 74% of the time. * 

December 2018 was vastly different.  The Dow dropped 8.66%, the S&P 500 plummeted by 9.18%, and the NASDAQ was down 9.48%. 

Our tactical managers helped our clients tremendously, as their skillful portfolio decisions helped our clients avoid this dangerous time in the market. 

In addition to the tactical money management portfolios, we also use other approaches to help minimize risk in our client’s broader investment.  Using annuities and insurance linked with income riders, we have successfully helped to protect our client’s current and future incomes.  These products, when appropriately paired with other investments, have given our clients a level of downside protection through volatile markets.

Looking ahead…

If you are currently working with us and haven’t recently taken the opportunity to review your portfolio, we’d love nothing more than to sit down with you, review your accounts and to see how we can be of more help to you going forward. 

If you do not currently have a relationship with our firm, then feel free to give us a call.  We offer a no-cost, no obligation consultation that will help you better understand the services we provide. How we can assist you defining and ultimately reaching your financial goals.

While there is no doubt that 2018 was a volatile year, we firmly believe that 2019 will be no different.   Let us help put a plan in place.  Take the next step with us!

*Returns featured can be found at investing.com

The Move Toward Fee-Based Advisory Accounts

**Marketwatch.com 12/4/2018

The Retirement Trap – You Never Saw Coming

A lot of fun on this episode. We get into some ways people lock themselves into or out of options in retirement and get to spend some time with Jobin Roofing. The Jobin brothers, Casey and Brendan, are a story of family togetherness. Add plus one Alex Payne, become a story of passion for their customers, persevering through adversity and transforming into a unique group of problem solvers. We hope you enjoy our journey with them and discover some ways you too may find joy along your path less traveled.