Smile Taxes

Death and Taxes…Smile :)

The Gist: The grim reality of that special day that comes every year – Tax Day! Today we look at that dreaded day and some of the things you should be aware of and how it may affect you.

Money in the News: Today we explore an article in The Wall Street Journal, “Death-Care Stocks have made a killing for investors. Now Its time to say goodbye.” Over the past decade, the two leading U.S. providers of funeral and cemetery services have exceeded performance in the stock market but recent competition including on-line options (and the “Amazon-Effect) have heavily cut into the profit margins of these previous leaders in the industry.

Tax Refunds: Tax laws have found less people itemizing their returns. Tax cuts have been phenomenally strong for property renters. The married, filing jointly deduction has doubled.

Motley Fool article: Bigger Tax Refunds Are Back. Here’s Why. The refund scare might’ve been much ado about nothing. Tax reform of early 2018 lead many to think they would be getting a much lower return but as tax season has progressed evidence is showing larger returns in more pockets. The better news is that many are finding more in their paychecks as well.