Property and Casualty Insurance

2 Truths and a Lie

Property and Casualty

The Gist: Property and Casualty Insurance go hand in hand with financial planning.  Today Erik Morton helps us understand the importance of protecting our property with the appropriate amount of coverage (thus property) as well as protecting ourselves against a lawsuit in the event we are found responsible for another’s injury or the damage of another’s belongings (casualty). Erik will help us separate the truth from the myths about Property and Casualty Insurance so we can confidently include it in our financial planning portfolio.

Money in the News: Marriott takes on Airbnb in the home rental market. Airbnb, the very industry that was inclined to interrupt the hotel industry now has Marriott in an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” effort with Marriott’s version of airbnb called, “Homes and Villas.” “People stay at different hotels for different purposes, Stephanie Linnartz, the global chief commercial officer at Marriott, told the Times. Home sharing is another offering.”

Rethinking the Everyday Coffee Cup – and Creating a New Business – from the Wall St. Journal. A couple creates a unique coffee cup for the husband’s World War II veteran grandfather. Using their science background, the couple found a way to lessen the stress of holding a cup making it much easier to be handled by the elderly or anyone with difficulty balancing a normal cup.