The Retirement Trap – You Never Saw Coming

A lot of fun on this episode. We get into some ways people lock themselves into or out of options in retirement and get to spend some time with Jobin Roofing. The Jobin brothers, Casey and Brendan, are a story of family togetherness. Add plus one Alex Payne, become a story of passion for their customers, persevering through adversity and transforming into a unique group of problem solvers. We hope you enjoy our journey with them and discover some ways you too may find joy along your path less traveled.

Five Retirement Landmines

Five Retirement Landmines: Avoiding These Can Help You Get Where You Want To Be!

In today’s world, with so many factors in play there are things you have to be careful of when investing.  Now of course, you can’t avoid all of these landmines, but you need to be aware of what they are, and steps you can take to minimize, and in some cases, eliminate those dangers.

Estate Planning Blunders

Simple, Common mistakes you want to make sure not to do.

On today’s show, we are going to spend the bulk of it talking about something that is very important. Insuring you know where your financial assets are going after you are no longer here. I know we have talked about it in the past, but today, we are going to dive into estate planning blunders and how you can avoid making the simple and common mistakes that people make when it comes to their money.

We are also excited to introduce an new segment “Money In The News”.  Getting you everything financially newsworthy to be armed at the water cooler.

Think Total Return


You’re Going to Retire Where?

Location, Location, Location! Decisions On One Or More Retirement Locations Is On Tap Today.